Welcome to Whiteplains British School

Whiteplains British School is a leading and reputable institution of learning with value added and quality educational services with a corporate credo effectively discharging professional educational standard.

WBS was founded in 2007 by a group of entrepreneurial minded persons within and outside Nigeria some of whom were either related by school experience or family ties.



  • To raise the next generation of innovators that will take on global challenges in all spheres
  • To create the curiosity mindset among younger ones for having a burning desire to solve problems and create solutions for simple to the most complex problems they come across in their everyday lives
  • To teach teens how to defy impossibilities and how to explore the depths of their minds and creativity
  • To project and sell Whiteplains British School as a breeding ground for future innovators and leaders



- To raise the next big thing out of the continent of Africa that will create web platforms and hi-tech inventions that will be patronized globally

-To set Africa in motion for an economic technological boom in the near future by arming today, those who will reside and control tomorrow,

-To prepare young minds in Nigeria and Africa as a whole to be part of high speed innovative technological trend not only as subscribers but as creators and pioneers

-To birth the next big thing out of Nigeria and also of participating West Africa Nations, when it comes to social media, ecommerce, technology and even in other spheres.


Target Population

-500 Teenagers, 12-18, students of both public and private schools in all of West Africa



Whiteplains British Schools Jabi Abuja

Whiteplains British School is a school built according to global standards; it has modern day state of the art facilities and multimedia equipment’s that support the dynamics trainings and sessions of this initiative.

WBS also has unlimited power supply with twin power-plant for backup to see that power demand for the programme is hitch free. The hostel facilities that will provide accommodation for the teens is also standard with neat rooms and professional cleaners that clean daily, Air Conditioning, Modern day toilets, unlimited pipe borne water supply, Water heater etc


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