Welcome to Whiteplains British School

Whiteplains British School is a leading and reputable institution of learning with value added and quality educational services with a corporate credo effectively discharging professional educational standard.

WBS was founded in 2007 by a group of entrepreneurial minded persons within and outside Nigeria some of whom were either related by school experience or family ties.


Housing is one of the major problems of developing nations. The WORKSHOP teens have as parts of their future programs tackle this problem head-on by building the first ever solar powered $500 home with lighting, and entertainment including Led TV screen and site. The home is a single room and would special low-cost toilet and bathtubs all designed and put together by The WORKSHOP ‘Smart’Teens.

Special low-cost options and materials would be presented and given to the teens until they can achieve the ultimate budget of building a $500 dollar semi-luxury homes and also would build a plan for the green city, a city consisting of low-cost housing solutions all powered by various green options.



The WORKSHOP also trains teens on how to create android apps, books, games and utility the smart teens would be able to imagine every day requirements and problems and draw the framework and build apps for them. The WORKSHOP teens would harness the most extra-ordinary android apps and use them to create solutions and wider applications.



The most sophisticated ICT Lab is a World-Class info-tech training facility that is being built by Whiteplains British Schools to power The WORKSHOP. As the name represents this lab is packed with 21st century state of the art facilities that will stun even MIT Researchers. Some of these facilities are Artificial Intelligence training robotics app, Retina scanning entry doors, Oculus virtual Reality headsets, 20 Inch smart PCs, Green Solar Power Supply Systems, a Web TV station and many more.


The lab can take as much as a 100 students who will research and develop World-Class Initiatives according to original structures and modus operandi of The WORKSHOP.

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