Welcome to Whiteplains British School

Whiteplains British School is a leading and reputable institution of learning with value added and quality educational services with a corporate credo effectively discharging professional educational standard.

WBS was founded in 2007 by a group of entrepreneurial minded persons within and outside Nigeria some of whom were either related by school experience or family ties.

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The WORKSHOP  is an initiative designed to give teenagers a platform to create technological solutions to common global challenges of developing nations.

The WORKSHOP intends to achieve this feat by developing regular teens and transforming them into tech geniuses and then giving them the tools and materials to manifest their new state of minds.

The WORKSHOP creates the atmosphere and the reality of super-inventors and innovators for the teens, thereby exciting even the most uncreative teens to want to flex their abilities and minds in solving real-time challenges as it faces society and the world at large.

The WORKSHOP believes every child can be a genius, or every child is born a genius yet trapped in embodiment of innocence and mental limitations according to their sense of taking responsibilities or level of self esteem as well as other physiological or mental parameters. Therefore the ultimate goal is to birth that genius capacity of the average teenager and unleash it as an overwhelming force to attack and address global challenges in all spheres

In this capacity The WORKSHOP also runs with motivational sessions that open up a whole lot of dimensions to the issues of life and the complex and yet simple methods to stay in control…

The WORKSHOP believes that the minds that would change the world are still quite young and our goal is to get them ready.




  • To raise the next generation of innovators that will take on global challenges in all spheres
  • To create the curiosity mindset among younger ones for having a burning desire to solve problems and create solutions for simple to the most complex problems they come across in their everyday lives
  • To teach teens how to defy impossibilities and how to explore the depths of their minds and creativity
  • To project and sell Whiteplains British School as a breeding ground for future innovators and leaders



- To raise the next big thing out of the continent of Africa that will create web platforms and hi-tech inventions that will be patronized globally

-To set Africa in motion for an economic technological boom in the near future by arming today, those who will reside and control tomorrow,

-To prepare young minds in Nigeria and Africa as a whole to be part of high speed innovative technological trend not only as subscribers but as creators and pioneers

-To birth the next big thing out of Nigeria and also of participating West Africa Nations, when it comes to social media, ecommerce, technology and even in other spheres.


Target Population

-500 Teenagers, 12-18, students of both public and private schools in all of West Africa



Whiteplains British Schools Jabi Abuja

Whiteplains British School is a school built according to global standards; it has modern day state of the art facilities and multimedia equipment’s that support the dynamics trainings and sessions of this initiative.

WBS also has unlimited power supply with twin power-plant for backup to see that power demand for the programme is hitch free. The hostel facilities that will provide accommodation for the teens is also standard with neat rooms and professional cleaners that clean daily, Air Conditioning, Modern day toilets, unlimited pipe borne water supply, Water heater etc



The WORKSHOP ensures that the smartest teen at the end of the project wins at different levels, but it doesn’t end there every participating child gets the complete video and pdf tutorial of how to implement his/her project, he/she also gets access to the WORKSHOP online classes where he/she can continually participate real-time on the WORKSHOP classes which continues to run even after the event.

The participating teens are also put in the WORKSHOP hall of fame and are exposed to overseas opportunities to facebook, google or machasuettes lab where they can interact and get inspired by life inventors and innovators.



The WORKSHOP develops teenagers to utilize open source platforms and build 21st century e-commerce and e-business solutions like Online Stores, Social Networks, E-payment integration, Livechatting integration, Blogging platforms and many more.

Due to the dynamic flexibility of open source and the extra-ordinary training methods an average teen with basic internet usage skill would be able to develop a social network like Facebook in 10 days, hard to believe, well that is one of the identities of the WORKSHOP : breaking impossibilities.

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The WORKSHOP develops teenagers on how to build drones for a number of 21st century purposes which includes surveillance of a wide area, security, parcel delivery and even area view of outdoor sport events or football matches.

 Remote controlled GPRS drones are one of the technological buzz of the 21st century the WORKSHOP aims to assemble or build such drones from the scratch and use them to solve real-time problem for today and for the future.

Teens will also learn how to create and harness holographic technology, use google cardboard for virtual reality and Augmented Reality projects



Housing is one of the major problems of developing nations. The WORKSHOP teens have as parts of their future programs tackle this problem head-on by building the first ever solar powered $500 home with lighting, and entertainment including Led TV screen and site. The home is a single room and would special low-cost toilet and bathtubs all designed and put together by The WORKSHOP ‘Smart’Teens.

Special low-cost options and materials would be presented and given to the teens until they can achieve the ultimate budget of building a $500 dollar semi-luxury homes and also would build a plan for the green city, a city consisting of low-cost housing solutions all powered by various green options.



The WORKSHOP also trains teens on how to create android apps, books, games and utility the smart teens would be able to imagine every day requirements and problems and draw the framework and build apps for them. The WORKSHOP teens would harness the most extra-ordinary android apps and use them to create solutions and wider applications.



The most sophisticated ICT Lab is a World-Class info-tech training facility that is being built by Whiteplains British Schools to power The WORKSHOP. As the name represents this lab is packed with 21st century state of the art facilities that will stun even MIT Researchers. Some of these facilities are Artificial Intelligence training robotics app, Retina scanning entry doors, Oculus virtual Reality headsets, 20 Inch smart PCs, Green Solar Power Supply Systems, a Web TV station and many more.


The lab can take as much as a 100 students who will research and develop World-Class Initiatives according to original structures and modus operandi of The WORKSHOP.

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