Welcome to Whiteplains British School

Whiteplains British School is a leading and reputable institution of learning with value added and quality educational services with a corporate credo effectively discharging professional educational standard.

WBS was founded in 2007 by a group of entrepreneurial minded persons within and outside Nigeria some of whom were either related by school experience or family ties.

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The WORKSHOP  is an initiative designed to give teenagers a platform to create technological solutions to common global challenges of developing nations.

The WORKSHOP intends to achieve this feat by developing regular teens and transforming them into tech geniuses and then giving them the tools and materials to manifest their new state of minds.

The WORKSHOP creates the atmosphere and the reality of super-inventors and innovators for the teens, thereby exciting even the most uncreative teens to want to flex their abilities and minds in solving real-time challenges as it faces society and the world at large.

The WORKSHOP believes every child can be a genius, or every child is born a genius yet trapped in embodiment of innocence and mental limitations according to their sense of taking responsibilities or level of self esteem as well as other physiological or mental parameters. Therefore the ultimate goal is to birth that genius capacity of the average teenager and unleash it as an overwhelming force to attack and address global challenges in all spheres

In this capacity The WORKSHOP also runs with motivational sessions that open up a whole lot of dimensions to the issues of life and the complex and yet simple methods to stay in control…

The WORKSHOP believes that the minds that would change the world are still quite young and our goal is to get them ready.


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